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5 Facebook Tips For Smart Business

Example of Great Facebook Business Post

Here are 5 Facebook tips for smart business. Every single business should be on Facebook and they should be posting content daily! The challenge is that most business people feel they don’t have the time to administer their Facebook like page and/or individual page. Older people feel social media is complicated and a huge waste of time. The fact is, social media, in this case Facebook, is an absolute must for business. There’s no way around it. The majority of people aren’t using Facebook correctly and don’t see the level of engagement or activity that they want. They get frustrated and abandon it. Hopefully these quick tips and examples will help you with your Facebook strategy and daily administration. Remember, you can always connect with me for help.

1. Use “rich media” to showcase your brand and service.

Photos and videos are the best and garner the most attention. It’s important to understand that Facebook pushes video content because they can get captive viewers to advertise to. Post videos! Facebook likes videos. Keep videos under 2 minutes or, if you want to share extended footage position it as a show. Keep your video on YouTube but upload your content directly to Facebook. Don’t upload to YouTube and then share link on Facebook. Facebook wants the original. That’s how I end up getting over 2000 views of me walking my dog offering commentary on some random topic. Also when uploading photos, create albums and upload multiple photos (Facebook likes that and what Facebook likes, Facebook promotes).

2. Offer promotions!

If you’re a bar or restaurant a hotel or a retailer, post three photos and ask people to show that they shared a photo when they come in and get 2 drinks for the price of one or a complimentary appetizer or 20% off their purchase. People LOVE to feel as if their social media shares and activity promoting a brand is noticed and rewarded. They feel closer to your brand instantly just because they won a free cocktail. The goal is to physically bring them to your business. Once they are there they’ll spend or, they may return with friends. Your job is to use social media to get them to you and promotions do this. Be consistent! Maybe you designate a day per week to offering a promotion. Remember, you want your content to be sharable. Promotions with great images are sharable.

3. Partner with key influencers.

Every business should have 5-10 people who are hired “brand ambassadors.” These are people who genuinely like the brand, rally for it and actively tell others about it. Take this up a notch. Think broader than bartering. The goal here is for you to control the information these influencers put out by creating a formal business partnership with them. You also want influencers to promote your brand consistently not just when they pop in for a barter. Paying “brand ambassadors” or “social media influencers” who blog, shoot videos, share photos, attend events and echo whatever marketing you’re already doing is a very smart move. PR usually happens when your business launches. There’s a party, some press and some great buzz. Then what happens? It drops off and it becomes an uphill battle to remain interesting and in the press. This is when your social media force must be strong and consistent. You MUST have other influential people with a strong Facebook following on your team. Hire them and use them to promote anything relevant YOU want them to focus on (events, special deals, new products etc.) Provide them with the messaging that is “on brand.” Invite them to events and let them do what they do best, promote your business and the promote themselves.  That’s the beauty with partnering with a self-promoter, they are relentless! They’ll come to your event and everyone they know will know they were there. They’ll go to your like page and share content with their friends and followers (Facebook LOVES this and rewards businesses whose like page leads to shared content). Partner with influencers in a professional way and watch how consistent buzz changes your game.

4. Use the 70 / 20 /10 rule when posting on Facebook.

When posting think about the kind of content YOU like and share. Again, Facebook is all about posting sharable content. Photos and memes with quotes that evoke emotion are always sharable. If you’re a hotel, post a photo of a cold cocktail poolside with a lounge chair. “How cold is it where you are today?” Make sure 70% of your Facebook posts are eye catching interesting, useful content people will engage with. Twenty percent of your posts should come from other sources. If you’re a restaurant, post an article about ingredients or an article from a top culinary magazine. If you’re a salon post an article about celebrity hair trends. Be a resource in your industry. Finally the last 10% can be blatant brand promotion. However, if you are smart with the 70% category you’ll be promoting yourself simply by putting out great content people respond to.

5. Establish your image and engage with others.

You can’t just post 3 things and leave. You should post 4 times per day at least. You can use tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts for the entire week and then just pop in to see what is working and what is lagging. When people comment engage with them. People buy from those they know and feel connected to. A fast “thanks so much for your feedback.” Or take a poll asking what is their favorite winter food or fashion accessory or fragrance (depending what your business is). When people are asked their opinion they feel that the brand or business cares about what they think.

Lisa Concepcion is an experienced marketing consultant who specializes in getting attention for businesses and the people who run them. She’s a blogger, vlogger and social influencer who aligns with brands she genuinely likes, uses and wants to share with others. Follow Lisa on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Connect with her here.

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