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5 Reasons to See Fifty Shades of Grey


Here are 5 reasons to see Fifty Shades of Grey. The long awaited movie came out this weekend, Valentines Day, sending people into a tizzy. The debate is polarizing. There’s no middle here. People either loved the movie or hated it. I LOVED it. I never read the book, I was waiting for the movie. Glad I didn’t listen to the social media buzz and the bashing of movie critics. This movie was awesome! Here’s why to go see it…TODAY!

1. Seduction.

Watching how Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey seduce one another makes for great movie watching. Yes the chemistry was great. They grab you the second they are on screen together and you’re thinking how the hell are these two getting together. I have to see this. She’s this mousy English Lit major and he’s this handsome billionaire. Yet when she bites that bottom lip of hers Grey cannot resist. He needs to be around her. It’s that magnetism that rarely comes along in a lifetime. He can have and probably has had a slew of perfectly primped women the whole world over but it’s the innocence of Anastasia Steele that captivates him.

2. The dance.

Fifty Shades of Grey is this constant dance of dominance and submission. That’s obvious. What’s deeper is that Anastasia Steel is emotionally dominant. She’s a badass. She knows how to dig deeper and challenge Christian Grey and push his buttons at his emotionally dead core. She might not be sexually experienced but she has a strong sense of self and knows how to hold her own and speaks to Grey in a manner he’s clearly not used to. The scene where she arrives at his offices to negotiate their contract is epic. Just when you think he’s got her, she leaves and makes it clear who is really in control.

3. The fantasy.

Men must know that women like it when they take the lead. These days women have careers in addition to being mothers and wives. They take the lead on everything from family schedules, meals, doctors appointments, caring for aging parents, and more often than not, the marriage. The one place where most women are aching to surrender is in the bedroom (or “playroom”). This is where men can really shine! Yes we want to be tied up. Yes we want our hair pulled. Yes we want to follow your rules when it comes to sex because we set rules in every other category of life. It’s exhausting! Stimulate our minds and our bodies. Dominate! Fifty Shades of Grey allows women to watch thinking, wow I wish my man took me like that. Granted, every woman has their limits for how far they’ll go. As long as there is communication, consent, trust and safe words I say get some neckties and be creative!

4. It opens a door.

I suggest men and women see the movie together. Want to throw a stick of dynamite on a boring sex life? Go see Fifty Shades of Grey. Women and men don’t talk about sex or money and both are the most important things to be on the same page about. Fifty Shades of Grey will open a door for communication. It’s an excuse to openly discuss your sex life, what you want more or less of. Men are literal and visual. When you say you wish for him to take charge that’s vague. When you lean over to him in the middle of a scene of Fifty Shades of Grey and whisper, I want you to do that to me… tonight. Well now you gave him a visual and permission to reveal his inner sex master.

5. Bond with the girls.

Not since Sex and The City was there a movie that called for a full day event with girlfriends. Fifty Shades of Grey employed babysitters and gave grandparents precious time with their grandkids as mom went to the movies. Adult mothers and daughters bonded over bondage as they giggled and opened up about sex. Single ladies got together on Valentine’s Day giving them a reason to shower and step outside on February 14th.

Overall Fifty Shades of Grey got slammed by critics and by viewers alike. It also made a ton of money and there were just as many people who were quite pleased with the movie. I saw media buzz accusing Fifty Shades of Grey of condoning rape and that a few scenes were like rape. I was waiting for anything looking like rape to appear in the movie. Nope. Nothing. Nada. There’s a contract and a detailed meeting and Anastasia is clearly and adult giving consent. I chalk up that negative buzz to agenda pushing and puritanical beliefs. These prudes need a spanking.

Below is our review as we were leaving the theatre. Curious to know what you thought of the book and movie. Enjoy! Connect with me via social media!


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  • Mauricio| April 7, 2015 at 4:57 pmReply

    I can’t bring myself to buy or read this book….. aglohuth I have heard so much about it and I’ve been tempted. I’m a mother of three young girls (two of which are reading) and I try not to do, say or read anything that would make me feel ashamed if either of them saw or accidentally read something in it. I can’t cross that line….. say what you will.

    • Lisa| April 12, 2015 at 9:07 pmReply

      I never read the book but I did watch and enjoy the movie.

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