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5 Things Great Bosses Do

Great BossEither you’re the boss or someone is yours. Here are 5 things great bosses do.  Perhaps you managed a team, or were managed by someone. Throughout my two decades of work experience I have had the opportunity to manage and lead others and be mentored and led by great people. I’ve also been afforded the equally as beneficial experience of being bossed by complete idiots with zero integrity and I’m thinking even mental disorders. That being said I bring you a positive spin.

1. They PAY!

Great bosses understand your value, respect your experience level and pay for it. They are in line with the going salary rate for your position and understand when it comes to people you get what you pay for.

2. They create a growth environment.

Great bosses want you to evolve beyond your position and encourage growth. They want to keep you and that means allowing you to take on more to learn more so you can do more. They never expect you to stick to your role forever. They want you to master it, teach someone else how to do what you can do so you can be better utilized and freed up to bring revenue into the company. This leads to…

3. They teach!

If a person says they want to do more to earn more, great bosses show them how. If bosses tell staff to follow the money, the back it up by encouraging everyone to drive revenue. They don’t just throw words to the wind.

4. They want ideas not order takers.

Great bosses want ideas. They trust the expertise of the people they hired and want that expertise as much as possible. When you understand the bottom line is to drive revenue and make suggestions with that in mind, great bosses light up. Great bosses don’t presume to know it all. They admit what they don’t know and hire great people who do, then let them take ownership on projects.

5. They lead by example and earn respect.

Great bosses are respectful. They are open and honest and operate with integrity. They never hand off their dirty work to someone else. I was once let go from a global PR firm after 2 years. The Director of the division I was in came into my office personally with the Director of HR, gave me the reason, explained it was simple downsizing and had a prepared letter of recommendation for me. He thanked me for my great work. He said you made friends here so take all the time you need to say your goodbyes. That is a class act all the way.

I’ve been in the business world for 20 years and I am still amazed at bosses who let their egos rule them and their companies. It’s very obvious and pathetic because it is insecurity. They even admit it as a disclaimer for their crappy behavior. “Oh I’m not a manager. I’m not a corporate person.” Really? Well these so called leaders must shift their thinking. The second a business owner starts signing paychecks for others, they are running a business and it requires structure.

Some bosses pride themselves on being big bullies. They have reputations for being “psycho,” or “difficult” or “an incompetent fool,” “egomaniac, “narcissist,” the list goes on and on. I walked out on 2 of these types. I do not tolerate bullying and as Tony Robbins says, “we get what we tolerate.”

I’ve been fortunate to have more great bosses than terrible ones. I’ve also learned from them and managed others with them in mind. It’s important to pay attention and learn from good and bad examples to create our own leadership style.

There are many more qualities of great bosses so perhaps after reading your feedback and comments below I’ll follow up with another article on this topic. Are you are great boss? Did you have a great boss? I’d love to hear your comments!

Until next time… Master your mojo.

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