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5 Women to Spot Out and Avoid Dating

Sexy Female Chef Lisa Concepcion BlogThere are 5 women to spot out and avoid dating. Loads of women out there are making terrible decisions and being rewarded for these bad decisions.  There are also a lot of women out there whining that they can’t find a great guy. Odds are they are one of these 5 types of women. Guys, I’m going to list what they are and how to spot them. Then you can make some better decisions and give good girls (who are also hot with brains) a chance.

1. The Entitled Beauty Queen 

Are you a middle aged man with a carefully curated gaggle of models? Do you like to socialize with 3 to 6 models who are between 22 and 27 years old? Then do you complain that you can’t find anyone good for a serious relationship? Ok first stop posting pictures of you surrounded by women half your age. A quality woman sees this laughs at it, feels bad for you and doesn’t take you seriously. The entitled beauty queens aren’t all models. There are plenty of working models and wanna be models who want a nice, good guy and get jerked over just the same. The entitled beauty queen is an any woman who was ever told and taught to use her looks and seduction skills to get what she wants. That could be in the form of car payments, rent, clothes, trips, jewelry, cash in an account. She’s not into you, she’s into your money. She’ll “date” you take what she feels she’s entitled to (everything) and then will bang her male model friend or fitness trainer then buy him dinner with your money. End this madness. Ask her if she wants to go shopping. See her face light up only to fall when you say that you need to go to Home Depot.

2. The Daddy’s Girl

Understand that nothing you can do can beat what her dad can do. Wash her car and daddy shows up with a brand new one. He’s always five steps ahead. The issue here is that the daddy has issues. His daughter has issues and you are the pawn in the middle. If she’s living in a great apartment and admits that her daddy helps her, that’s a red flag. Hell, the fact she’s a grown woman still calling her father “daddy” is a red flag. Avoid the daddy’s girl. It’s creepy and a set up to fail situation. The second you disagree with what she wants her daddy won’t be pleased and he’ll let you know it.

3. The Anti Domesticated

Want something to eat? Get ready to order take out or make reservations. This chick never learned to cook or clean and has zero interest in doing so. Plus she brags about it. “Oh I can’t boil water.” Yeah, you’re an idiot. Any smart woman knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men like to be taken care of and this means cooking for them and keeping a tidy home. If you go to her place and see an unmade bed, take out containers all over and a fridge containing nothing but eye cream and bottled water, run! She isn’t self sufficient. She can’t even cook for herself and she expects you to think she’s a catch? I don’t care if she’s making $250,000 a year and can afford to order out every night of the week. A man likes a home cooked meal. He likes his woman to cook it, naked, in heels.

4. The Pleaser 

The pleaser will please everyone but you. At first you’ll think wow this is a great girl. She babysits her nieces and nephews, cleans her grandmas house, volunteers at a soup kitchen, takes on extra assignments at work, she’s a giver. Now while it is great to give being a pleaser is different. A giver gives. Period. A pleaser pleases because they gain self worth and validation. It’s a drug. It’s a life of obligations but then you’re the one she whines to. “Everyone takes advantage of me, weh, whyyyy?” Your role will be convincing her not to please people so much. You’ll spin your wheels trying to teach her that she doesn’t have to say yes to everything. You’ll be the mean guy or the selfish guy for telling her she shouldn’t drive 3 hours to a baby shower that sending a gift is fine. It’s a losing frustrating battle. She’ll be too wiped out from pleasing others that you’ll be inconvenienced too. “Babe, can you drive my cousin to the airport at 6 am?” Do NOT date a pleaser. They’re psychologically maladjusted.

5. The Party Girl

You want to date a woman who is fun and social. This is fine. But the woman who wants to be out 4 nights a week, gets drunk, high and considers an early night 3 am is a party girl. She’s living hard and by the time she’s 31 she’ll look 50 with sallow skin, eye wrinkles, dull teeth, chronic unexplainable bruises, possibly a DUI and time in rehab. Sure she’s fun and you’ll have some insane times with great stories to tell but let’s face it, party girl isn’t coming to Sunday dinner at your parent’s house (because she’s hungover).

There are plenty of great women out there. Men just need to write down what they want and then look at themselves to see if they in fact possess the qualities they seek in a woman. Women need to do the same. Once you know what you want, you can spot out what you don’t.

Lisa Concepcion is a marketing consultant, writer and host of a YouTube channel where she offers “Lisa’s Lowdown” on various topics on business, life and love. Follow her on Twitter @lisatakesmiami


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