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Lisa Concepcion Blogger Vlogger

Lisa Concepcion Blogger Vlogger

Therapy is a fascinating thing. Each week the psychologist plants these brain bombs that go off long after the session ends; 90% of therapy is done outside of the session. It’s the work you do on yourself in between sessions where the unraveling and discoveries happen. I always knew I was codependent but I never did anything about it. I heard the word come up several times and I’d feel a physical nudge inside. The Universe sets it up where Law of Attraction gives us exactly what we need to grow. When you don’t pay attention the lessons come harder until it’s impossible to ignore. Almost 3 months ago I started to research codependency and what I was reading resonated but this time there was no escaping. I have [...]

Lisa Concepcion 2015
At the time of this article I'm at day 56 of my 90 day Post Break up Detox Plan. I am using Law of Attraction to rebuild after a breakup. The 90 day process calls for processing the relationship, healing myself, and an introspective, truthful, analysis without any distractions whatsoever. The strong soulful side of me says I was emotionally rocked by a relationship that I manifested to serve some grand purpose for my soul's elevation. Yeah, whatever.
Lisa Concepcion LoveQuest 11.19

Lisa Concepcion LoveQuest 11.19

I recently came out of a 5-month relationship that had the intensity of a cat 5 emotional tornado and it overlapped with the finalizing of my divorce. That sentence right there tells you exactly what my deal is. Hello, my name is Lisa and I might as well face it, I’m addicted to love. For those of you under age 35, the photo image in this article is from the 1985 Robert Palmer classic hit “Addicted to Love,” a song I first heard when I was 14. That song was a favorite of mine probably because deep in my subconscious it resonated with me.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics.

Your lights are on, but you’re not home
Your mind is not your own
Your heart sweats, your body shakes
Relationship Red Flag

Relationship Red Flag


When a relationship ends the healthy thing to do is to take time to process your feelings, what went wrong, what went right and what you can learn and apply as you move forward. I got my world shaken by a very emotionally intense 5 month relationship that felt like 2 years. We bonded quickly. We got a lot handled in a little bit of time. The aftermath of the break up was incredibly rough for me. Looking back, there were many red flags. I saw them. I ‘d say something but I’d allow my emotions to rule over logic. There were only 3 men in my life that affected me this way, so it was incredibly profound. I know I fell in love with this man, or at least the one [...]

Love Talk With Lisa Concepcion Flyer

Love Talk With Lisa Concepcion Flyer

Get ready for the best mid week event in Miami? Love Talk With Lisa Interactive Seminar and Mixer every Wednesday Night at 7:30,  is a fun, open town hall discussion about sex, love, lust and trust. We all have had our share of experiences that we can learn and grow from. This is an open forum for people to respectfully discuss relationships with the purpose of gaining understanding. Get tips and insights to help you find, give and keep love. Also get your most burning questions answered about the opposite sex. Then enjoy cocktails, mix and mingle with like minded people interested in living and loving the best way they can.

Bring your friends and get ready for a great discussion. Each guest gets a [...]

light in darkness

light in darkness

I study Kabbalah. It urges us to always connect to “The Light,” the divine force of all that is great and pure and blessed that resides within us. In life we are often brought into darkness. We forget that the light within is ours to illuminate at any time. It shows us the way to joy, love, prosperity and all we desire. In March 2015, I began yet another cycle from darkness to light in my own life. I collided with another soul who was in his cycle of darkness to light. Our time together was and forever will be an incredibly cherished part of my process.

March 2015, I had learned that my ex husband was dating another woman. We had been already separated or 4.5 years yet, I clung on to [...]

Is Unconditional Love Possible?

Love Without Conditions Really?

unconditional love

Everyone has their “Everest;” that one life challenge that they know they must complete before their soul leaves this earth. For me, after 44 years of life, I figured out that my “Everest” is the ability to give unconditional love. I’ll be honest. To love unconditionally has been difficult for me. I often asked myself is unconditional love possible? I mean love without conditions, really? As long as we have egos and a desire to receive, there’s going to be conditions. Resentments build when you give without the get. We are human and humans want to know what’s in it for them. That’s just the way it goes. Cynical? Yes! I describe unconditional love as my “Everest.” People die climbing Mt. Everest. It’s a huge feat. Loving unconditionally [...]

5 Things to Handle by Age 40

Sex, Love, Commitment Get it Straight by 40

The 40 Year Old Virgin 1


I live in South Beach Miami, Florida otherwise known as land of the adult-o-lecents. The majority of people here are immature. Even at 75 years old they are immature. They mistake being youthful and young minded with immaturity. I know this old man, he has to be around 80 and he’s still chasing 30 year olds around, having parties at his home and leading a hedonistic lifestyle. I see the women who flock to his mini mansion. They’re all fake, dress like escorts because 80% are. Most of the women have an agenda which is to use this old sweet man for parties, to be seen, drugs, champagne and in exchange they will stroke his ego (possibly stroke something else). I just pray he doesn’t have a [...]

How Committed Are You To Yourself?

5 Ways to Increase Personal Commitment in Life

Lisa Concepcion Love Strategist

How committed are you to yourself? It’s a question I have asked myself a lot over the past year. Last week the question was prompted by yet another abnormal pap telling me I have cervical dysplasia, again. I, like 80% of the population was diagnosed with HPV,human papillomavirus. It’s been nothing but a cycle to nowhere for over a decade. Finally I reached a breaking point and an opportunity to commit fully to myself and my health. I am restoring my female reproductive system to what it was when I was 15 years old. This got me thinking about personal commitment.

In my business as a Love Strategist, I constantly hear people complain about how no one is interested in commitment anymore. I agree!  Commitment has gotten a bad rap [...]

The Power of the Written Word

Instead of Texting or Emailing Handwrite a Love Note

romantic love notes

The power of the written word is incredibly strong. Since texts and emails are the primary method of communication these days so if you want to make an impact, send a hand written love note. A few weeks ago my friend asked to do a business deal with me. He wanted to help his mom promote her line of hand painted gift items. I told him to send me the link to her website and I’d check out her creations. When I arrived to I saw sand dollars, bookmarks, ornaments and note cards. I instantly knew I wanted to write about note cards. I wasn’t sure what I’d write about but I knew that I had an opinion.

The end of cursive?

I saw [...]

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