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There are 5 men to spot out and avoid dating. Sure there are more than 5 but in an attempt to keep this article tight, I’m going to drill down to 5. For the guys who are reading this, relax. There’s a list of 5 women to spot out and avoid. I pride myself on being fair to both sexes. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I’m a feminist man-hater. I’m not. I adore men. I find their thinking fascinating and in many ways I am quite masculine. I tolerate zero bullsh!t. I’m not a pleaser. I’m direct. I also know when to avoid fighting with idiots. These are qualities typically common in men. Because I pay attention to men, the things they do and say, I bring you this list of 5 men to spot out and avoid dating. I am giving you exactly [...]

Multitasking Is Bad
When it comes to multitasking, is less more? I think so. I’m one of those people who would rather do 3 things exceptionally well than 20 things poorly. I am tired of this “ok with average” ethic. Don’t people want to be fully engaged in what they are doing? Through my career I’ve worked with people who ascribe to the “don’t get it perfect, get it done” ethic. What they really mean is do more, get it all done perfectly and as fast as possible. This leads to mistakes, stress, a lack of pride in one’s work, looking 40 when you’re 30 and a serious addiction to Starbucks (and for some, cocaine).

I get it. Productivity is important. Personally and professionally, we want 10 things and all at the same time. Immediate gratification pushes us to do more to get more. Is the [...]


Here are relationship tips for men and women given by Psychologist, Victoria Legra and me, Lisa Concepcion. We hope to entertain and inform as we share some real anecdotes. There are common behaviors we see men and women doing that get in the way of true happiness and accomplishment. If you want a great relationship you must always work on yourself. Victoria and I discuss women hitting on other women’s men, men who muddy the waters between business and flirtation, women and men who chase and much more. Do you feel as if you are doing all the right things but are getting the wrong result? Are you attracting the wrong kinds of people? Is dating more of a chore than a fun social interaction with less expectation? Dating and relationships are always tough to navigate. Sometimes it’s very very hard to get real with ourselves [...]

Lisa Concepcion Instagram Sample Image

Dear Lisa, I need help with Social Media drama on Instagram. My wife is making me crazy. I’m 40 and my wife is 39. We’ve been married 12 years and she freaks out about who I follow on Instagram. I like to follow hot women, celebrities, models with booty. I’m never going to meet any of them. It’s no different than looking at a magazine. She says it’s totally different because I can communicate with them. I try to put her mind at ease but she wants to screen everyone I follow. She’s even asked me to get off Instagram all together. Should I?

Give it to me straight. I’m in InstaHotWater.

Dear InstaHotWater,

I always suggest people get to the root of problems. Who you’re following on Instagram isn’t the issue, a lack of trust is. Your wife, for whatever reason, has trust [...]

pluck n file

Pluck N File is a genius beauty invention. After Dawn Sole chipped her nail while putting groceries into her car she had to dig through her purse to find a file, then she noticed a stray eyebrow hair she wanted to pluck and the digging began again. Frustrated, she thought as most inventors do, “there has got to be a better way.” She stopped into a CVS, bought files, tweezers brow combs and started to work on a prototype to bring a genius solution to life. That was 4 years ago and now Pluck N File is available on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo where it can be purchased for $20.00.

Described as, “The Swiss Army Knife of beauty tools,” Pluck N File features a replaceable nail file, nail buffer, tweezers and mini brow comb, in an all in one tool. This means no [...]

Bombshell HairNectar of the Gods is the solution for thick, wavy hair. The product is new, available via or via their site directly HERE  and is an absolute MUST BUY for anyone who battles frizz or static electricity. People compliment my hair all the time. They ask me what I use. I connected with the founder/owner of Nectar of the Gods Via Facebook, Carlo Vailati who noticed I had wavy, thick hair and asked me if I wanted to try a sample of his new product. That was about 5 months ago. It was about 90% humidity in Miami (July and August) and this product worked wonders.

Here is exactly what I do step by step. 1. Comb out my wet hair. 2. Add mousse 3.Spray in Nectar of The Gods 4. LET HAIR AIR DRY 5. Spray with hairspray. Total time 10 minutes. So Nectar of the [...]

Great BossEither you’re the boss or someone is yours. Here are 5 things great bosses do.  Perhaps you managed a team, or were managed by someone. Throughout my two decades of work experience I have had the opportunity to manage and lead others and be mentored and led by great people. I’ve also been afforded the equally as beneficial experience of being bossed by complete idiots with zero integrity and I’m thinking even mental disorders. That being said I bring you a positive spin.

1. They PAY!

Great bosses understand your value, respect your experience level and pay for it. They are in line with the going salary rate for your position and understand when it comes to people you get what you pay for.

2. They create a growth environment.

Great bosses want you to evolve beyond your position and encourage growth. They want to keep [...]

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