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The Business of Beauty and Skincare

Elizabeth Canler Miami's Skin Guru talk about beauty products and skincare.

Elizabeth Canler Miami’s Skin Guru talk about beauty products and skincare.

When it comes to the business of beauty and skincare, Elizabeth Canler is among the most respected in her industry. As owner of Miami Skin Boutique and Spa, she offers great insights on what it takes to build your own beauty business. I had the pleasure of sitting with Elizabeth for must watch open, honest, fun discussion about beauty and business.

Everything from eyebrows, skincare, creams, fillers, Botox, and even grooming tips for men! Elizabeth Canler shares her success journey towards having her own business. Some of her key insights include:

1. Don’t be shy!

You can find clients everywhere and starting the skin care conversation can be awkward and Elizabeth shares how to break the ice.

2. Read ingredients.

Drug store brands like Olay, La Roche Posay and Aveeno are good. However if there are more problematic skin conditions you need a higher amount of key ingredients. It’s really important to consult with skin care professional for more serious or recurring skin issues.

3. Let the products have time to work!

People give up if they don’t “feel it working” or if they don’t see fast results. Go through a full month. Skinceuticals is a great brand to try known for vitamin C serum. SkinMedica is a line that includes stem cell technology. Watch 14:40 in for info on a cream that comes from baby foreskin for $180. What? I’m serious!

Watch the interview or play it as audio while working. If you’re into beauty and want to know what the hottest chemicals are and the products that have them.

Lisa Concepcion is a marketer who specializes in getting attention for small businesses via social media. If you know of a business owner who would make for a great interview, have a product in need of social media buzz, connect with Lisa.

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