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Miso Horny Sex Talk and Sushi

Talking Openly About Sex

Lisa Concepcion Miso Soup Obba Sushi

Miso Horny Sex Talk and Sushi!! Recently I was invited to try Obba Sushi in Coral Gables, a lovely town in Miami, Florida. Sushi is always a very sexy meal to share. There’s a whole process. You have the soy sauce with the wasabe that you have to set up yourself. Then it’s the ginger. Some people like the ginger after a course, some like it on top of their sushi bite. We like what we like and want what we want. All of this food foreplay got me thinking about talking openly about sex with our partners.

Talking openly about sex can be a bit awkward for some people. I’m a gregarious bold person. I mean look at the title of this blog. Miso Horny Sex Talk [...]

Lisa Concepcion Massage

Lisa Concepcion Massage

Relationships are tough. Heartbroken? Pamper yourself with massage. I think everyone should have massages on a monthly basis. They’re good for you. We carry stress in our bodies and a good massage helps get rid of the kinks. I’m a huge fan of massage. I like to get them from my significant other. I like to give them and I love going to the pros. I just like the whole spa experience; the fuzzy white robe, the slippers, the water with lemon and that ahhhh feeling. What’s not to love? I also find that when heartbroken or dealing with relationship drama, it’s extra important for us to care for ourselves. When someone rejects us it pangs at us. It hurts. Rather than drown sorrows in booze, drugs, partying or binge watching Bravo [...]


We’ve all been there. Admit it. You haven’t lived until you went batsh!t crazy obsessed over a failed relationship. Thankfully, I got my crazy handled in my 20’s. I did the whole drive by his house, his job, show up at the same bar madness. It was a great learning experience that led me to develop the best code I will always live by. “I will absolutely NOT ever, never, ever, never, EVER compete. I’m just too pretty, confident, smart and strong a woman to compete with another woman for any man. Bottom line, either he wants you or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t and he’s made it clear, move on… swiftly. For those dealing with this post break-up nuisance, here’s how to deal with the psycho ex.

Prepare a very clear, concise statement.

This is where my 20 years of public relations experience comes in handy. [...]


I cannot stress how important it is for you to get 100% clarity on what it is you want out of a relationship. I’m amazed at how many people don’t know. I mean really know. They haven’t done the deeper dive with themselves. Not only is it important to get clear and honest with yourself, it is important to declare what you want in a relationship. Now here’s the trick. You don’t have to share the details with anyone. It’s a secret between you and the universe. When you understand yourself, what you truly need and make ZERO apologies for it; the universe responds. Grab a pen and a notebook. Answer these questions honestly. You will start to map out exactly who you are and the kind of person who will be a good, healthy match for you.

Question 1: Where do you want to live; [...]

Beach Couple

Traveling together as a couple can be a relationship breaker or maker. I have spoken to many guys who said everything was cool until they traveled together. Problem is it can take months before your first jaunt. Then there’s all this invested time down the drain once you see this person in their raw, real truth. There’s dating and then there’s living with someone in a hotel room for days. Before you pack those bags here are some tips for couples traveling together for the first time.

Be real. 

Your significant other is going to see you without any make-up, sleepy faced, fresh out of the shower, and at bedtime every day for days in a row. This is not the time to obsess over sharing a bathroom. Just be real. This is an opportunity for someone to be with you 24/7 so they can see the [...]

woman legs in bed

It needs to be said and I speak from experience here; casual sex sucks your soul. You want love? I’m talking deep, connected, soulful, full on, love? Then abstain. No sex. That’s right. Take a vow of celibacy and watch how the universe rewards you. Here’s what I did and yes; the universe has rewarded me. As a “love strategist,” people ask me for advice on what they must do to find, give and keep love. I share what worked for me.

Spiritual Practice Helps

First and foremost, I learned that I needed a spiritual practice. We all do. Anyone who is kicking major ass in life has some sort of spiritual practice they are committed to every day. I practice Kabbalah. I was invited to the Kabbalah center in Miami by a friend. I read books by Kabbalah’s spiritual leaders, Karen Berg, Rav [...]

I95 to Miami

In 2010, at age 39 I made a decision that would change the trajectory of my life. My husband at the time announced that when we sold our suburban New Jersey home, he’d move to San Diego…alone. Right then my divine voice deep inside softly spoke. “Lisa, go to Miami. You’ll be happy there.” I was scared. I grew up in the NY tri-state area my whole life. My family was there; friends. I built a career there. Yet I knew I had to feel the fear and do it anyway. Miami called out to me. I just had to go.

The photo above was taken by my father, Luis Concepcion who was driving behind me in a Penske truck packed with everything I had that was connected to the life I knew. Dad, of course didn’t want to see his only child move away. At [...]

Romantic Hugs

I realized something huge and it would be completely unethical if I didn’t come clean and share it with you. I allowed myself to get jaded. I even got a tad bitter. I started to sing from the choir of, “there aren’t great guys out there, men suck, guys are immature dicks only out to get laid.”  Yeah, I was a bit pissed off. My heart got broken and I got negative. It wasn’t until I committed to bettering myself personally and professionally where a major shift took place in my life. So I urge all of you reading this to please mind shift your limited beliefs about love. You must. Nourish your soul. Care for yourself and get your mind right. I wanted to share what I used to think; what most people slip into and then how to make the switch so you can [...]


Social media is a hotbed for girl on girl drama cocktail made of jealousy, insecurity, a double shot of emotional instability, garnished with feelings of inadequacy. Bottom line, when women succeed there are both supportive eyes and evil eyes upon her. That’s just a fact. My hope is by listing 5 characteristics of secure powerhouse women, it will inspire women (grown adult women) to check their egos. When you look at influential women the all possess similar characteristics. Here are 5 of my favorites and the ones I choose to live by.

5 Characteristics of Secure Powerhouse Women 1. They confront with class. 

Powerhouse women don’t create drama on social media with slander. When a powerhouse woman has an issue, they go straight to the source. Talk badly about a powerhouse woman behind her back and watch out. First, if she’s a powerhouse she has allies. She [...]

woman crying over heartbreak

Heartbreak. We’ve all been there. You either can’t eat or you seek comfort in food. You either can’t sleep or melt into your down comforter, draw the blinds and sleep your sorrows away. One thing that’s certain, you cry; a lot. I’ve cried my eyes raw. They’ve gotten swollen and puffy and red, and what’s worse, over the years; I’ve even gotten cry induced wrinkles. They’ve deepened with every disappointment. I decided to do a product roundup to provide you with great post break up cry face beauty rescue. These are some go-to products I’ve used to pull myself together on the outside as I was in turmoil on the inside. Fake it till you make it right?

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector and Clinique SuperdefencseAge Defense Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF20

Clinique even better eyes

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