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Lisa Concepcion Fitness and Beauty Blogger Miami Social Media Marketer

You can absolutely rock a bikini in your 40’s. Think you can’t rock a bikini past the age of 40? Think again: I’m 43 with 44 rapidly approaching and I look pretty fantastic in my two-piece. So stop thinking that you’re getting to a ‘certain age’ and start focusing on all the things that make you beautiful, confident and strong. Here’s how to get ready for bikini season:

Accept and love YOUR body.

If you’re legs are short they won’t ever be long. Stop beating yourself up, looking at every long-legged gazelle that walks by, wishing your legs can be like hers. They can’t. Short-legged women who are toned and in shape look great! Any body type is beautiful, and a bikini is sexy when at it’s strongest and most healthy.

Sorry, but you can’t skip [...]

Email frustration Lisa Concepcion

Here are some email mistakes to fix today. Do this immediately. I have noticed in the past five years the quality of email communication has dipped, actually more than dipped, it has plummeted. It’s pathetic and sends a terrible message about Americans and how lazy, and unprofessional we have become. Why? What has led to this?

A new economy of lazy.

Since the financial collapse of 2008, our economy has shifted. We have seen and continue to see a workforce filled with 1099’ers. Independent consultants, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs are the norm and there’s this, “it’s my business and I’ll run it my way,” attitude. A huge majority of these people, were dotting i’s and crossing t’s operating as true professionals. They were following the rules, doing it right, getting bonuses and pats on the back and then, boom! They were escorted out of [...]

Ass kisser mr niceguy

There are many guys out there being dumped for being too nice. Wow! Are women that self hating that they don’t know how to appreciate a great guy when they meet one? I hear women complain all the time that they can’t find any good guys and then, when they do, they treat him terribly or dump him for being too nice. Here’s a note from what sounds like a total catch and my advice for him and other nice guys out there.

Dear Lisa,

Your blog is great. I found you off Twitter. Hope you can help me. I have the “Niceguy Curse.” I’ve asked around and heard other guys like me are tired of being dumped for being too nice. Don’t women like being treated well? Here’s my story. I’m 32, a good looking guy, in shape, funny, nice, [...]

There are some really sexy steakhouses on South Beach. If you’re a visitor or a local and you’re a carnivore like me, here are 3 options on South Beach that you will love. What makes a steakhouse sexy? Well that’s easy. A sexy steakhouse has first and foremost great food, followed by excellent service and a sexy vibe. The lighting is great, the music isn’t blasting, the decor is special and you feel as if the whole night is different. You want to ditch the flip flops and beach attire and make some effort to enjoy a great meal with great company. Here are my picks of sexy steakhouses on South Beach. Go get your meat.

Red The Steakhouse is Red Hot Sexy! red the steakhouse sexy location

Executive Chef / Proprietor Peter Vauthy packs passion into everything he serves. He’s  picky and prides himself on [...]

Example of Great Facebook Business Post

Here are 5 Facebook tips for smart business. Every single business should be on Facebook and they should be posting content daily! The challenge is that most business people feel they don’t have the time to administer their Facebook like page and/or individual page. Older people feel social media is complicated and a huge waste of time. The fact is, social media, in this case Facebook, is an absolute must for business. There’s no way around it. The majority of people aren’t using Facebook correctly and don’t see the level of engagement or activity that they want. They get frustrated and abandon it. Hopefully these quick tips and examples will help you with your Facebook strategy and daily administration. Remember, you can always connect with me for help.

1. Use “rich media” to showcase your brand and service.

Photos and videos are [...]

Social Media and Relationship Statuses Lisa Concepcion

When it comes to social media and relationship statuses there seems to be a LOT of drama. The relationship status feature is on Facebook. Your relationship status isn’t revealed on Twitter or Instagram. The issue with Facebook is that there are people “In Relationships” or “Married” who flirt and blatantly disrespect their significant others all over Facebook. I started operating with a new rule. If a man friend requests me and his status shows he’s married and names his wife, I friend request the wife. Now many people say they are in relationships but don’t name who with. There are so many Facebook Creepers out there and men and women are both guilty of pathetic behavior on Facebook. My suggestion GET BUSIER! Fill your day so you are too busy to spend time flirting with strangers on social media. Use [...]

ClassPass Arrives in Miami

ClassPass is a MUST for the fitness minded. I was so excited when the wonderful people from ClassPass reached out to me after seeing my fitness related activity on Twitter. They asked me to write a blog for them and try out their fantastic product. ClassPass is a $99 per month membership allowing people to try different fitness classes at different fitness facilities in their area. How Awesome! You get 3 classes per studio per month. You get to pick the classes you want, register online and create a month long workout routine that will keep you challenged.

ClassPass Keeps Workouts Interesting

I’m turning 44 in March 2015 and want to do my best to look amazing in a bikini for as long as possible. The challenge is that like many people I get bored with fitness so I need something that pushes me and keeps my [...]

I am Ignoring YouThere are 3 reasons why you are not getting publicity for you, your product or service. Before I list them I’ll give you a bit of background so you know where this opinion is coming from. I have a 20 year career in Marketing and PR. I’ve worked with various PR firms in and around New York City. Some were boutique firms, others mid-sized and others were global. Through my career I’ve represented experts, authors and major brands such as Ambien, Colgate Palmolive, Darden Foods, Sprint, Polaroid, Kellogg’s, Procter and Gamble, Duracell, to name a few. My specialty was Media Relations. That meant when clients wanted to see their product in top magazines and on top national shows like Oprah, Ellen, Good Morning America and The Today Show, I was who they called. It was my job to make suggestions to clients on how to [...]

Couple Says Bye At Airport Dear Lisa, I need some advice for long distance love. I’m a 37 year old man and met the woman of my dreams on social media. The thing is I live in Chicago and she lives in Miami. Both of us have never been married, no kids (I have a dog and so does she). We’ve done the long distance thing for 5 months and every time we part, it gets harder. It’s truly love. She wants me to move to Miami. I heard Miami sucks (superficial people and shady for business, I do real estate). She won’t move to Chicago because she hates the cold and her family are all in Miami. Should I relocate for love? Is Miami that bad for a midwestern gringo? HELP! I miss my little Cubana. 

Sleepless in ChiTown

Dear Sleepless in ChiTown

Ok first of [...]

Sexy Female Chef Lisa Concepcion BlogThere are 5 women to spot out and avoid dating. Loads of women out there are making terrible decisions and being rewarded for these bad decisions.  There are also a lot of women out there whining that they can’t find a great guy. Odds are they are one of these 5 types of women. Guys, I’m going to list what they are and how to spot them. Then you can make some better decisions and give good girls (who are also hot with brains) a chance.

1. The Entitled Beauty Queen 

Are you a middle aged man with a carefully curated gaggle of models? Do you like to socialize with 3 to 6 models who are between 22 and 27 years old? Then do you complain that you can’t find anyone good for a serious relationship? Ok first stop posting [...]

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