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Male and Female Brains Are Different

Lisa Concepcion and Alex Giassa Reality Show

Male and female brains are different. Shocker! This is news? Lisa and ‘The Gent” break it down in this fun, real, raw no BS interview. Men’s brains are like individual boxes each compartmentalized. Women, on the other hand have brains that are more like a ball of string. Lisa’s banter with The Gent is hysterical. The Gent explains that women are more emotional and have vivid memories men are more logical and don’t tie events to emotions which is why they forget details. The Gent is so passionate and committed to the conversation and Lisa’s reaction to him is comedic. Male and female brains are different and this video below shows exactly how and why.

If you are interested in how male and female brains are different thus impacting the way both communicate and interact with one another, then check out the segment below and weigh in.

They also discuss men and women and the ability to focus. Are people who are “Jack of all trades and master of none” just unfocused and lost? Lisa suggests The Gent read What is Your What by Steve Olsher a book that helps people determine what they should be doing professionally.

Do you think men and women think differently? How does that affect the way we work together in a relationship (or not)?  Feel free to connect with Lisa on Twitter and subscribe to the Lisa Concepcion YouTube Channel and find over 300 videos giving you a Lowdown on business love and life.


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