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I’m Lisa Concepcion and I’m the founder of LoveQuest Marketing™. My mission is to help people find, give and keep love.

First off thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my site. I have a ton of free content here for you intended to help you find, give, and most importantly keep love in your life.

So, who the hell am I? What makes me qualified to help you succeed on your LoveQuest?

I’m a self- diagnosed, love-obsessed romantic. I’m also an experienced marketer with over two decades of public relations, sales, and brand marketing experience. I figured if I can make Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive dish soap and countless other popular brands exciting to the masses; I could certainly help people to effectively market themselves for love.

While working as a Director of Marketing for self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, NY Times Bestselling Author and International Sales Master, Grant Cardone, I started to see a very clear connection between marketing and love.

I know how to market, and like you, I know about love’s big wins and big losses. I’ve experienced courtship, love, break-up, make-up, engagement, marriage, infidelity; couples therapy, reconciliation, separation and divorce; only to crank up on love once again.

That’s the beauty of it. Love and all its ups and downs is really our best teacher and I’ve learned plenty . My personal passion and mission to help people just like you to sidestep the mistakes I made. Save precious time, handle what must be handled within yourself to bring a stronger, clearer, inspiring version of you to positively impact the life of another.

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The Married Marketer

From 1994 until 2009 I worked in NYC and northern NJ on some of the most recognized brands in the world. The economy shifted in 2008 and by 2010, I was pushed into working on the best brand of all… myself. The universe has a way of putting us into a total upheaval, getting us out of comfort zones so we grow. The growth, I’ve learned, never ends. It is always work. There are always more lessons to learn.

While I was working doing PR for these cool brands, I was also the wife of my college sweetheart and best friend.

We met in 1991. It was a simpler time before cell phones, texting and social media. We embarked upon our own LoveQuest that led to marriage by 27, a home in a New Jersey suburb and a nice, comfortable life. We even made our own Italian sauce for the entire year, every September.

As with anything in life, comfort is limiting. Despite getting along great, we never had a focus or purpose. Eventually communication dropped and we got lost. We did hurtful things to one another. It was bad. We tried couples therapy and felt it was like putting a band aid on a tumor. There was a bigger issue at play and we couldn’t figure out what it was or what to do so in 2010 we separated.

Miami Beach Adventures

The husband announced he would move to San Diego. I’d be without a place to live and left with furniture and our dog. A voice inside said, “Lisa, go to Miami. You’ll be happy there.”

I decided to take my sad little broken self to the sunshine. I needed light and warmth. I left New Jersey, New York, my family, friends and all I knew and started on a new unknown path. It was time to begin a LoveQuest for myself, by myself and inside myself.

I was 39, alone and pushed into the dating scene in Miami, Florida. Imagine the mind shift! Within 30 days I went from a home in Bergen County, New Jersey to a one-bedroom cougar lair on South Beach. After 12 years of marriage, it was a tough shift to make despite my tough exterior showing otherwise.

I was hurting. My best friend, a man I knew for over half my life; was across the country living in San Diego. My head was spinning. There was no stability and stability was the very thing I longed for my whole life.

A friend introduced me to Kabbalah and it inspired me to reach higher spiritually. I couldn’t get through this dark time alone; too lonely, too sad. So I started to read books about Kabbalah and it helped bring me peace.

I’d put on the make up, the cute dress and heels (and of course the bikini) shoulders back, head held high ready to hold court like a Queen. Come on King! Find me! Make this madness go away! If only I met a great guy then I would be fine! This is what I thought. This is what many people think.

I now know better.

The problem was that inside I was sad. I missed my husband. I was looking outside to fill up what I could only fill for myself. The partying, champagne bubbles and attention from handsome men was a distraction from the work I truly needed to do on myself.

Six months after separating, my husband moved to Miami. But… once again, we still didn’t have a purpose or plan so of course; it wasn’t going to work.

We decided to remain apart. With love in our hearts we knew we had to work on ourselves in order to be strong either together or, with someone else.

Chaos, Creativity and Spiritual Practice

Meanwhile, as this emotional storm is underway, I’m working to get my career on track. Miami is very different than New York and after two and a half years of freelancing here and there; I became the Director of Marketing & Public Relations for NY Times Best Selling Author, International Sales Master, and self-made multimillionaire Grant Cardone.

By working closely with Grant Cardone I learned how to sell and close. I read his books, did his cloud based sales training course and I found it fascinating! I started to apply marketing to my love life.

I realized that the skills I learned about marketing (branding, public relations, and sales) were totally applicable to finding, giving and keeping love. Once I defined my ‘Personal LoveQuest Brand Identity,’ I started to attract better quality people. What is good for me finds me. What isn’t falls away.

Then I dove deeper into Kabbalah and felt this calling to help others. Thankfully through prayer and using the tools of Kabbalah, I started to attract even more great people in my life who can help me along my professional quest too. Before, I was looking for the steady paycheck from some PR firm to pay for things. Now, fast-forward 5 years and through many big lessons; my inspiration is something bigger. I help people find, give and keep love and get to do marketing at the same time.

A Business Is Born

I decided to invest in my personal and professional growth. I had reached a point where I knew I couldn’t keep doing the same thing the same way. I had to raise my own standards be better, learn and grow.

I get to teach people like you how to successfully package and present themselves to find, give and keep love. I offer group talks, one-on-one hourly sessions, full day workshops, weekly workshops, blogs, vlogs and mixer events.

My sessions are fun and I fully commit to creating a safe atmosphere to laugh, cry, share and care as we all learn.

I bring my 20 years of marketing knowledge and you bring your desire to be better in order to attract better. Then I promise you, you’ll have an immediate mind shift and transformation.

This is when your real LoveQuest begins!

The way I see it is we are all on a LoveQuest. We all want to find, give and keep love. I’ve learned the hard way, through many tears and disappointments that the LoveQuest begins within us. It’s always ongoing. Working on the self never ends.

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