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Miami Fashion Network Founder Shares Entrepreneurial Journey

Lisa Concepcion and Jessica Rae Anderson CEO of Miami Fashion NetworkMiami Fashion Network Founder Shares Entrepreneurial Journey. In this episode of Lisa’s Lowdown on Business, I sit down with fashion industry pro Jessica Rae Anderson. Formerly with Victoria’s Secret, Saramax and Liz Claiborne plus designer of her own accessories line, Jessica talks about the decisions she made in her career and life. She talks about how anyone with a vision can have a line of accessories or clothing and you don’t even have to know how to sew. After a successful career in New York’s powerful fashion scene, Jessica decided to move to Miami in 2009. She describes her first 6 months as a “big shock” but quickly joined the right associations and groups  and began to plug into the Miami fashion scene and prominent people in the city.

In 2013 she launched Miami Fashion Network to help designers and aspiring designers take their creations to the marketplace. With a solid roster of clients and more calls coming in asking for help Jessica sees what a need there is to help guide creative minded designers so they form successful brands.

Jessica is adorably candid saying she talks about balancing being a mom with her business role and explains why you can’t beat yourself up, otherwise you’ll go insane. As most entrepreneurs she enjoys challenge otherwise gets bored.

Miami serves as an international hub where people come to launch their businesses then proceed to New York and beyond. Jessica explains how she worked with designers to get into fashion shows, got their loyal followers and how social media plays a role. Finally Jessica and I dish on styles that should go away forever and how men are really upping their game when it comes to personal style.

Check out the interview below and connect with Jessica directly via Miami Fashion Network here: 

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  • Terry Casey| February 8, 2015 at 2:12 pmReply

    Great interview…Very informative..

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