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Nectar or the Gods, The Solution for Thick, Wavy Hair

Bombshell HairNectar of the Gods is the solution for thick, wavy hair. The product is new, available via or via their site directly HERE  and is an absolute MUST BUY for anyone who battles frizz or static electricity. People compliment my hair all the time. They ask me what I use. I connected with the founder/owner of Nectar of the Gods Via Facebook, Carlo Vailati who noticed I had wavy, thick hair and asked me if I wanted to try a sample of his new product. That was about 5 months ago. It was about 90% humidity in Miami (July and August) and this product worked wonders.

Here is exactly what I do step by step. 1. Comb out my wet hair. 2. Add mousse 3.Spray in Nectar of The Gods 4. LET HAIR AIR DRY 5. Spray with hairspray. Total time 10 minutes. So Nectar of the Gods handles wavy thick hair in warm humidity. What about in the cold?

I went to New York for Christmas. It was between 30 and 45 degrees. I went from heat to cold and usually I’d battle static. I used Nectar of the Gods in my hair wet as described above. I blow dried my hair and then sprayed some into my hands and ran it through my dried hair. THEN I used hairspray. NO STATIC!! So whether your inn hot humid Miami or chilly cold in NYC, Nectar of the Gods is a must for wavy, thick hair. Check out my video review below.

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