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The Power of the Written Word

Instead of Texting or Emailing Handwrite a Love Note

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The power of the written word is incredibly strong. Since texts and emails are the primary method of communication these days so if you want to make an impact, send a hand written love note. A few weeks ago my friend asked to do a business deal with me. He wanted to help his mom promote her line of hand painted gift items. I told him to send me the link to her website and I’d check out her creations. When I arrived to I saw sand dollars, bookmarks, ornaments and note cards. I instantly knew I wanted to write about note cards. I wasn’t sure what I’d write about but I knew that I had an opinion.

The end of cursive?

I saw in the news that schools had stopped teaching cursive. This is a tragedy! When I was a kid I would enter penmanship contests in school. Penmanship was a serious thing. I remember practicing and perfecting my letters as they connected to form words and then full sentences, paragraphs, and eventually stories. Thanks to computers and smartphones cursive is dying! How sad.

You’ve Got Mail!

My boyfriend recently commented that he rarely checks the mail because when he does, he never gets anything good. All of his bills come electronically. They are auto paid. No more writing out checks. Piles of junk mail, that’s all that comes for him. This stuck with me. I made a mental note. My boyfriend is a wonderful man with a racing mind. He’s really smart, too smart for his own good and well let’s just say sometimes he gets a little lost in his smart mind. When his mind gets caught up in thoughts of the past, future and random things in between, he needs time to sort out his thoughts. He told me I am like this lighthouse showing him the way back to shore when he gets swept up in a mind storm that pulls him out to a deep dark sea. So when the notecards arrived and I saw the hand painted lighthouses and learned my friend’s mom had a fondness for what lighthouses represented, I knew how my story would unfold. I’d send a handwritten note to my boyfriend.

Over the years my penmanship has evolved into it’s own form. It’s me! I took the card and started to write out my heartfelt thoughts. I won’t get into the specifics of what I wrote because that’s for us but I will say that what I sent him was in no way junk mail. I mailed it on a Tuesday and by Friday I heard nothing. So while texting with him I told him to go check his mailbox. He did. He was as he put it “taken aback” and ironically my handwritten words had left him speechless.

Why handwriting touches us.

There is something intimate about the written word. There are people who are experts in handwriting analysis. A lot can be deciphered about a person from their handwriting. These days it can take a while before you see your partner’s handwriting. When you’re an adult that’s even more the case. You’ll see a random Post It note on your partner’s fridge and think wow, that’s how they write. A handwritten note is powerful because it takes time. You can’t delete. Your words are more deliberate. You really think about what you’re going to write. The person on the receiving end has to hold the card or paper in their hands. The sense of sight is engaged as they see the handwritten words, they hear your voice in their head as they read, they even may smell you on the card (especially when given a light spray of perfume or cologne). Finally, it’s nice to get mail that isn’t trying to sell you something or get money from you.

Write to someone and make their day.

Imagine how surprised your loved one would be to receive a handwritten note from you. RomeroSeascapes note cards are the perfect size! Score yourself some and get writing. Think of who you can thank. Send them a notecard. The power of the written word is intense. It really lifts people up. I would imagine mail carriers with the United States Postal Service must get happy when they see a handwritten notecard. They get to deliver it which makes them feel good.

When I went to my boyfriend’s place I saw he put the card on his night stand. He said he’s read it over and over and over and that it really meant a lot to him. Something so simple; a handwritten card, a stamp and a little lighthouse to show him the way back to peace and joy where he belongs.


Lisa Concepcion is the founder of LoveQuest Marketing, a personal development firm that applies proven marketing techniques and tactics to teach people how to find, give and keep love. Based in Miami, Florida; Lisa is a self proclaimed “Love Strategist” who offers group workshops, one-on-one sessions and writes and speaks on the topic of dating, relationships and individual betterment. Connect with Lisa via  and via twitter @lisatakesmiami .

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  • Tony R.| August 6, 2015 at 11:00 amReply

    Excellent write up and so true. Remember as a child we probably each received some handwritten note from the boy or girl we liked and we took it home and read it over and over again and carefully put it away. It is so much more personal than a text or email because the recipient can actually hold it in their hands and they appreciate that you actually took the time to do it

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