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Relationship Tips For Men and Women


Here are relationship tips for men and women given by Psychologist, Victoria Legra and me, Lisa Concepcion. We hope to entertain and inform as we share some real anecdotes. There are common behaviors we see men and women doing that get in the way of true happiness and accomplishment. If you want a great relationship you must always work on yourself. Victoria and I discuss women hitting on other women’s men, men who muddy the waters between business and flirtation, women and men who chase and much more. Do you feel as if you are doing all the right things but are getting the wrong result? Are you attracting the wrong kinds of people? Is dating more of a chore than a fun social interaction with less expectation? Dating and relationships are always tough to navigate. Sometimes it’s very very hard to get real with ourselves and understand that the older we get, the less BS we can get away with. This interview explores common topics and pitfalls common in relationships.

When we know better we do better and we hope these relationship tips for men and women will help you come away with some insights you can apply to your own life.

Have a look, share the video on your social media and feel free to add your thoughts and comments either here or on my YouTube. Thanks so much for watching!

With gratitude, Lisa Concepcion

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