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Social Media and Relationship Statuses

Social Media and Relationship Statuses Lisa Concepcion

When it comes to social media and relationship statuses there seems to be a LOT of drama. The relationship status feature is on Facebook. Your relationship status isn’t revealed on Twitter or Instagram. The issue with Facebook is that there are people “In Relationships” or “Married” who flirt and blatantly disrespect their significant others all over Facebook. I started operating with a new rule. If a man friend requests me and his status shows he’s married and names his wife, I friend request the wife. Now many people say they are in relationships but don’t name who with. There are so many Facebook Creepers out there and men and women are both guilty of pathetic behavior on Facebook. My suggestion GET BUSIER! Fill your day so you are too busy to spend time flirting with strangers on social media. Use social media. Don’t let it use you.

When you’re disconnected from your own goals and the goals you and your significant other have together, that is when mind dumbing, time sucking, self destructive activities enter your life. Friend requesting hunky younger men and sexy women to find value in attention from others is a warning sign you’re not busy enough.

Here’s a video on an experience I had handling a married man’s inappropriateness on Facebook which inspired my “follow the wife or girlfriend too rule.”

What’s the point of putting a relationship status when you’re going to disrespect the person you’re in a relationship with? Stop the madness with the relationship status. Grow up. Unless you’re married as in sharing a roof with someone you have an actual legal marriage contract with, IT IS NOBODY’S BUSINESS. People ask me what “my deal” is all the time. My answer depends on who is asking.

Fact 1. People with “In A Relationship” or “Married” statuses flirt and act disrespectful fools on social media.

Fact 2. Being in a relationship and announcing it via a status doesn’t make you any more valuable as a human. There are plenty of morons settling for one another.

Fact 3. The best things in life should be protected. So…choose what you share with the evil eyes. Protect what you cherish.

Lisa Concepcion is a marketing consultant, blogger, vlogger who promotes brands and discusses topics affecting business, love and life. Follow @LisaTakesMiami on Twitter, subscribe to Lisa Conecepcion’s YouTube or connect here.


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