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The Tale of the Panty Fairy

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She absolutely hated her commute back and forth from her suburban New Jersey home to New York City. Rain, wind, snow, heatwaves, added to the simple fact that it was two hours robbed from her life every day. She knew in the deepest pit of her soul that this was a stepping stone. The career, the grind was just to prepare her for her true calling. There was a mortgage to pay and this life and all the choices made was all she knew. It was just how things were for everyone who lived in the New York metro area. You grew up, got married, bought a house in the burbs and commuted. Then you pay bills, take two vacations a year, go out to eat, have people over, visit family and die. Despite feeling out of sorts with the very lifestyle she chose, she knew she was blessed and lucky to have true love. Her husband just wanted to love her and make her happy. He looked for ways to make her smile when she came home from her awful commute and so begins the tale of the Panty Fairy.

“Luffeh!!! LUFFFFFFF!! Oh my God!! She came!! Panty fairy!! She came AGAIN!! She put new panties on my pillow. Panteeeeees on my peeeeeelow!! And they are so nice!! I love them!! I’m so excited!! YAYYYYYY!!! New pannnnteeeeeees!!” She would exaggerate her delight and celebrate as if she was 7 years old and the tooth fairy left $10 for a back molar.

Obviously the Panty Fairy was her husband. He would buy panties from Victoria’s Secret 5 for $30, keep them in a bag in his closet and every now and then would place a pair on his wife’s pillow. It was sweet and a great way to cheer her up after a horrible commute that sucked her soul 5 days a week. He would always get a kick out of how she threw a party screaming with excitement whenever the panty fairy came. His wife is the kind of woman who loves gifts; a $2.00 candy bar, a $200 bottle of perfume or a $2000 piece of jewelry; she loved whatever he bought her and celebrated every gift the same way; like an 8 year old who gets a bicycle on Christmas.

She always knew that these were the little things that counted most. It’s what she cherishes to this day. Her husband’s ability through small sweet acts of kindness, care and concern would make her feel loved. Something so simple now etched in her heart and mind forever.

I always suggest guys add The Panty Fairy to their repertoire of gifts. It’s affordable, sexy, sweet and very unexpected. To make things easy I’m hooking you up with links to different panties to stock up on.

Splurge! Rosas Negras is a line of panties that are 100% Colombian.designed. Think of them as the Sofia Vergara of underwear. Sexy and feminine and the butt looks good. They start at about $22 but if she’s into lace and florals she’ll love this line. I was fortunate enough to meet the founder of the company Andrea Cervantes who seeks to empower women through underwear. Gotta love a fellow Latina with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Awesome deal is Century21 yes that deep discount store in New York!! You can shop online now and while their selection is no where near what they have at the store; it still is great. Amazing prices!!

Another option of course is Victorias Secret especially if she’s into cotton thongs and booty shorts and briefs. They often have sales and coupons and the 5 for $30 deal.

Amazon has a really cool assortment of novelty panties! So get creative!

Don’t under estimate the magical powers of the Panty Fairy. She’s capable of miracles. All you have to do is believe!

Lisa Concepcion is the founder of LoveQuest Marketing, a personal development firm that applies principles of marketing and Law of Attraction to help people find, give and keep love starting with love of self. Lisa shares the valuable lessons she learns on her own LoveQuest journey and believes everyone is always on a LoveQuest regardless of whether they are single or in a relationship. Based in Miami, Lisa offers group workshops, one-on-one sessions and writes, vlogs and speaks on the topic of dating, relationships and self-love. Connect with Lisa via  and via twitter @lisatakesmiami  and her YouTube channel. 

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