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Tips For Couples Traveling Together For The First Time

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Traveling together as a couple can be a relationship breaker or maker. I have spoken to many guys who said everything was cool until they traveled together. Problem is it can take months before your first jaunt. Then there’s all this invested time down the drain once you see this person in their raw, real truth. There’s dating and then there’s living with someone in a hotel room for days. Before you pack those bags here are some tips for couples traveling together for the first time.

Be real. 

Your significant other is going to see you without any make-up, sleepy faced, fresh out of the shower, and at bedtime every day for days in a row. This is not the time to obsess over sharing a bathroom. Just be real. This is an opportunity for someone to be with you 24/7 so they can see the real you. There may be lulls in conversation, times where you’re just chilling reading a magazine. Let it flow. Be real. Revel in the fact that you don’t have to be “on” all the time. This realness brings you closer.

Don’t overpack. 

If you can pack everything you truly need in a carry on, do it. Any woman who can pack for poolside lounging, exploring sites, activities and a nice dinner in a carry on is a keeper. Any man will agree. One exception… you’re traveling for more than 5 days and a private plane is involved. In this case, a larger suitcase and one smaller bag are acceptable.

Expect anything… including bad weather.

I went away with a man after knowing him only a month. What did I expect? The same great treatment I’ve been getting from him since we took friendship to a romantic level. The time together leading up to our trip to Cancun established trust, rapport and connection. We saw one another every day. We spoke about deeper things; our lives and our goals. I knew pretty quickly that this was a guy I could hang with. He’s older, been through some stuff in his life and is open. So I expected that regardless of what happens on our travels I’ll get to see other sides to him. Sure enough, a hurricane blew into Cancun. We arrived on Wednesday, departed on Sunday and only had one day of sunshine. It could have been viewed as a disaster. We could have been sick of each other after 2 days. Not the case. We ate well, drank well, went to the beautiful spa, hit the gym and relaxed. If you can handle a storm on your vacation with grace and joy that says a lot about the both of you.

Observe the quirks. 

Being with someone 24/7 in vacation mode will show you their quirks. Instead of turning it into an issue, notice if it’s a frequent thing then, come up with a “guy friendly” strategy to address it. Women typically will verbally point out the issue in a scolding way. A grown man doesn’t want to be reprimanded like he’s an eight year old. My dude was biting his cuticles. He’s got this nervous energy at times. I notice this. I feel like it’s on me to settle him down. Instead of verbally griping about it, I opt to playfully walk up to him and in one swipe smack his hand away from his mouth. He laughed when I did this. It took three seconds and was memorable. He did it again and whack. It’s like Pavlovian. He knows if I see him biting his cuticles he’s getting a light whack on his hand. Remember, your guy is seeing quirks about you too, trust me. So just be kind to each other. Handle the quirk in a non-confrontational way and teach don’t preach.

Don’t over plan.

Nothing kills romance faster than a schedule. Sure make dinner reservations and plan to see sights. Enjoy yourselves. Wake up when you wake up. Have breakfast. We had an amazing breakfast buffet each day. It was an event in itself. After breakfast we decided what to do next. From the beach we went to the pool, had a bite and some drinks. Easy! There shouldn’t be any stress. You shouldn’t be scheduled like a military operation. Remember, the purpose of the first time vacation is to see if this is a person you can be with for extended periods of time. Ease up and allow space for pleasant surprises.

Going away together is a big deal. It accelerates the relationship. Take it seriously. You’re basically seeing if you can live with this person. You’re sharing space with them and in doing so letting them see the real you. You may or may not envision a future with them. Are they just a travel buddy or the real deal? Only you will know where your heart is. Trust the answer will come at the right time. Don’t rush it.

Lisa Concepcion is the founder of LoveQuest Marketing, a personal development firm that applies proven marketing techniques and tactics to teach people how to find, give and keep love. Based in Miami, Florida; Lisa is a self proclaimed “Love Strategist” who offers group workshops, one-on-one sessions and writes and speaks on the topic of dating, relationships and individual betterment. Connect with Lisa via Facebook and Twitter @lisatakesmiami

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