How to Build a Metal Shed

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Australian people have always made good use of sheds, for agriculture and also for domestic use, as they serve a wide range of uses. Storing gardening equipment is very often the reason why an Australian homeowner would have a garden shed, which can also house outdoor furniture in the cold winter months. When looking at buying a garden shed, one should always choose metal, as this will give you many years of trouble-free service, and rather than pay a fortune for a unit, you can easily make one for a fraction of the cost.

The Design

There are software packages that will enable you to design a 3D version of a metal garden shed, and even if your IT skills aren’t what they could be, using such a program is pretty straightforward. You want at least one window, with perhaps a side-opening door and a couple of roof vents, and aluminium is the deal metal, as it is light but very strong, plus it is corrosion-resistant. Once the design is complete, you will know the dimensions of the frame pieces and the sheets, and by searching online for a nearby aluminium suppliers, you can order the piece and sheets pre-cut to specific dimensions.

The Base

Ideally, the base should be larger than the shed by at least half a metre all round, which gives you some walking space, and by digging out about 8 inches of soil, you can start with a layer of hard-core, which should leave 4-6 inches for ready-mixed concrete. If you fix 4-6 stainless-steel supports into the concrete base, ensure that they are indeed square, with at least 18 inches below the ground for good strength and stability.


All the fixtures and fittings you need can be sourced at the aluminium supplier, plus they would have accessories like ventilation ports and fans, and with some silicone tubes, you can make the shed waterproof. Once you have found a metal supplier’s website, you should be able to locate everything you need to carry out the build and installation. Neoprene washers are ideal for waterproof fixings, and the supplier would have a wide range of fixings, depending on the application.

Building the Sides

When constructing the shed, you are advised to build all four sides first, and when that is done, you can think about fixing them to the steel uprights that are set into the concrete base. Once the four sides are in place, you can begin to work on the roof panels, and when the roof is in place, the last items are the windows and door. It is important to seal as you go, which is best carried out with a silicone gun that can be run along the edges, and this will ensure the shed is completely waterproof.

Of course, you will need a selection of hand and power tools, and if you are having the components cut to order, then you won’t require any cutting equipment. A good ratchet socket set will enable you to bolt the panels into place, and once everything is complete, your new shed is ready for use.


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