The Importance of Clear Food Labelling for Your Health Company

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We see labels and stickers on all types of food when we enter grocery shops and shopping malls. They are on packets of crisps, vegetables, meat and fruit. They are so common we almost don’t notice them, until we really need or want to know what we are putting into our bodies. If you are running a healthy company and you want to properly label your goods, working with a printing company is important.

Let Customers Know What Is Inside

If you are selling healthy food, 99% of your customers will want to know what is inside. Clear food labels give your customers all the details they need. They’ll be able to identify what they are about to eat, so they can stick to a healthy diet. Sticker making (called รับ ทํา สติ๊กเกอร์ in Thailand) for healthy food isn’t just about listing the contents, it is also about attracting potential customers. Your stickers should be clear and easy to read with catchy colours and tones. Labels on your health food products are essential because your target market will want to know what they are eating. Using eye catching labels and stickers is also a great way to market your product.

Customers with Health Risks

Many people are allergic to certain types of ingredients and some abstain from certain kinds of foods for religious reasons. To avoid any health issues with your clients, it is best to label your products with all the ingredients. Customers appreciate a health food business that is willing to go that extra step and give their clients details about their products. If you are trying to lose weight or you must avoid specific foods for health reasons, you’ll generally opt for a business which provides clear labels with the contents on the product.


If customers are buying your product in bulk, which many health-conscious clients do, they’ll want to know the best way to cook the food and other important details. Labels are perfect for listing key information about your product, these stickers should be easy to read and clearly labelled. When you work with a sticker or label printing company, make sure you request a design that both attracts customers and gives them confidence in your product.

Promotions & Discount

If you are trying to promote a new product or you’ve something on sale at a discounted rate, you’ll need premium stickers and labels to attract attention. A sticker printing company can design the perfect products for your business, these labels won’t only clearly display nutritional information, they’ll also promote your brand. These labels will encourage more people to try your products and sample what is on offer from your company.

Labels are important when delivering key information to your customers, even more so when you are selling health food to your clients. A health-conscious individual is more inclined to read labels to see what is in your products, they’ll want to know more about your food to ensure they are getting exactly what they need. Your labels should be clear, informative and expertly designed.


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